Club Diary 2019

Sun 27/1/19       GRAND SLAM EVENT   (Australian open tournament) bacon butty bbq

Mon 18/3/19    Coaches cup (Double Trouble Tournament) Entries before the event

Mon 29/4/19    Old and New Members Tournament (Cheese & Wine)

Sun 9/6/19      GRAND SLAM EVENT (French open tournament) Croissants & Coffee

Mon 8/7/19      GRAND SLAM EVENT  (Wimbledon tournament)   Champagne & Strawberries

Mon 9/9/19     GRAND SLAM EVENT  
(Us open tournament) burgers & beers

Sat 6/10/2019   Annual Club Senior Tournament 

Mon 16/12/19    Santa’s Christmas Clubnight Tournament

Points will be awarded for each Grand Slam Event entered and prizes will be presented at the end of the season.

Prizes for the others will be awarded at each event.