Codes of practice

All members agree to comply with our codes of practice (click to download):



Below are answers to some of the most common questions asked by members. If you have a question that is not answered below, please just ask at the clubhouse when you next see someone there.

Q. When can we play?
A. The Court Booking page on this website shows all court bookings for the current week.

  • Priority is given to matches, coaching and other pre-arranged sessions.
  • Day Members may play on weekdays only, until 4pm.
  • Junior members
    • Monday – Thursday: Up to 6pm – Juniors have equal priority on all courts, after 6pm Juniors may continue to play but may be asked to give way to seniors.
    • Friday: Up to 4pm – Juniors have equal priority on all courts, Juniors have priority on all courts from 4pm till 7pm for Junior Club Night (when running)
    • Saturday upto 1pm: Juniors will have equal priority on the three courts not used for coaching till 1pm, after 1pm juniors will have equal priority on the top three courts.
      Juniors may play but must give way to seniors on the bottom three courts.
    • Sundays: Courts are only free to juniors on Sunday mornings if there are no senior matches. If there are no matches, juniors may play but must give way to seniors taking part in club morning until 1pm. After 1pm juniors will have equal priority on the top three courts, Juniors may play but must give way to seniors on the bottom three courts.

Q. How do we book courts?
A. Courts must be booked by clicking the Court Booking link on the home page. If you cannot use the court at the time you have booked please try to cancel the booking to allow other members to take the slot. You need a Username and a Password for the online booking system – these can be obtained from John Walsh at the club office.

Q. How do we get tickets for the floodlights?
A. Tickets are available in packs of ten from John Walsh or Duncan Appelbe during club sessions.

Q. How do we get Wimbledon tickets?
A. The club is allocated tickets based on the number of full senior members. When the allocation is known a notice is posted in the club house for members to sign up. A notification will also be shown on the website. A draw is made in May to determine who gets the tickets. Members must have registered as a British tennis member at

Q. Who do we ring with a query or complaint?
A. Complaints should be put in writing to the Secretary and will be dealt with by the committee at their next meeting, Queries can be dealt with by any Committee member.

Q. How do we get access to the club house?
A. The number for the door is sent out to members with their membership pack and MUST NOT be disclosed to non-members or juniors.

Q. Can Juniors get access to the club house?
A. All junior members must be supervised by a senior member while in the club house, if no senior member/parent is on site juniors may not access the club house.

Q. Where are we allowed to park?
A. You may park on the gravel area. Please avoid parking on the tarmac area as this for the use of the Village Hall.

Q. Are we allowed to bring guests to play?
A. Every member is entitled to bring guests to play. A fee of £3 must be paid for each to a committee member before play commences and the guest signed in using the visitors book. If no committee member is present, the Honesty Box in the club house must be used. An individual can play as a guest a maximum of 3 times per year.

A. The site is covered by CCTV for security, the club is registered with the Information Commisioner’s Office and complies with the Data Protection Act.

Q. How do I use the floodlights
A. The timers for the floodlights can be found to the right of the doors as you exit the clubhouse. The top three are for the top courts and the bottom three for the bottom courts. You can put several cards in at a time, each card lasts 59 minutes. When the timer has 5 minutes left a red or green light (depending on the court) will light up on court. If you do not get to the timer on time and the floodlights go out, it will take 10-15 minutes for the lights to come back on.