The following competitions will be run in 2020:

All entries to be received by Friday 28th August 8pm, tournament to start Tuesday 1st September 2020.
Finals weekend (circumstances permitting):
– Saturday October 10th : Men’s Singles @ 1pm
                                      Ladies Doubles @ 3pm
                                      Mixed Doubles @ 5pm
– Sunday October 11th : Ladies Singles @ 1pm
                                    Men’s Doubles @ 3pm
                                    Vets Doubles @ 5pm
We feel that this will allow for appropriate social distancing for any spectators and still allow play to take place on other courts.
So the competitions we will run are:
– Men’s Singles
– Ladies Singles
– Men’s doubles
– Ladies doubles
– Mixed doubles
– Vets (over 50’s) doubles 
The organisers will assign partners for doubles competitions.
Entry Fee 
– 1 comp : £3
– 2 comps : £6
– 3 comps : £8
– 4 comps : £10
The draws will be maintained on the club website, with results e-mailed in to this address.


  • You must be available to play on finals day
  • In round 1 it is the responsibility of the top pair to organise the match and the lower pair to provide the balls.
  • In subsequent rounds it is the responsibility of the pair that enters the round last to arrange the match; the pair that enter the round first are to provide the balls.
  • It is the winner’s responsibility to update the draw via email to
  • If you have problems arranging your draw contact the club as soon as possible.
  • All matches are to be completed by the date of the next round.
  • Matches are the best of three sets, there is no tie break in the third set
  • In the event of any dispute, the organisers will determine the outcome.