How we use your data

  • The data that you provide to the Tennis Club is used solely for the purposes of running the club.
  • We will not pass on any of the data that you have provided to us to anybody outside of the tennis club without your explicit consent, unless the Tennis Club has informed you when the data is collected.
  • Your Phone number/E-Mail address will be used to:
    • Provide you with updates and information about activities at the club
    • Help organisers of organised sessions that you have signed up to (club sessions are not included) run those sessions.
    • Provide contact information for club competitions that you have signed up for.
  • Contact details for Junior members will never be publicised unless explicit consent has been provided
  • Hold your data for longer than is required for the operation of the Tennis Club.

Data We Hold

The Tennis Club holds the following information about you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Contact E-Mail address
  • Pertinent health Issues (juniors)


Data Quality/Updates

You are responsible for ensuring that the club is informed of any change in contact details as soon as is practical – details are provided on an annual basis when your membership is renewed.

If you believe that the contact data that we hold requires updating during the year, you should inform the honorary club secretary/membership secretary in writing (or by E-Mail to


Data Protection

The Tennis Club is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office, details of the registration (ZA080592) can be viewed on the ICO website – or by asking a committee member.



The club has CCTV that is used for security purposes.